Wednesday, December 9, 2020

-Shivanath Shastri (Ramakrishna As We Saw Him)

 The saint [Sri Ramakrishna] said:

"The mere repetition of a name in itself is nothing unless it is accompanied by a corresponding spiritual emotion. Take, for instance, the case of a parrot. Its master has taught it the names of his own deities. Accordingly the parrot repeats, in season and out of season, the names of Radha and Krishna. 'Radha Krishna, Radha Krishna,' the parrot repeats morning and evening and he seems to be quite in love with them. One day, however, a wily cat pouncs upon it from behind and tries to kill it. What do you hear then? Perhaps you observe that 'Radha and Krishna' has vanished from its throat and now you here the terror stricken, bird's natural cry, 'Kan, Kan, Kan.' Likewise, your bead-counting man, when tempted, perhaps forgets the name he repeats. Your professed lover of God forgets his God's name and falls into his natural mood of disbelief and lack of resignation. A faith that cannot stand trials of life is no faith at all."

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