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Ramana Maharshi

"Grace is always present. You imagine it as something high in the sky, far away, something that has to descend. It is really inside you, in your heart. When the mind rests in its source, grace rushes forth, sprouting as from a spring within you.



Illusion VS Reality



 When it is recognized that there are no claims greater than the claims of the Universal Divine Life which without exception includes everyone and everything, love shall not only establish peace, harmony and happiness in social, national and international spheres, but it will shine in its own purity and beauty.

Divine Love is unassailable by the onslaughts of duality and is an expression of divinity itself; and it is through Divine Love, that the New Humanity will come in tune with the Divine Plan.
Divine Love will not only introduce imperishable sweetness and infinite bliss in personal life, but it will also make possible an era of New Humanity.
Through Divine Love, the New Humanity will learn the art of cooperative and harmonious life; it will free itself from the tyranny of dead forms and release the creative life of spiritual wisdom; it will shed all illusions and get established in the Truth; it will enjoy peace and abiding happiness; it will be initiated in the life of Eternity.


Ashtavakra Gita 11:5

 All sorrow comes from fear. From nothing else. When you know this, You become free of it, And desire melts away. You become happy And still.

Ashtavakra Gita 11:5

Maitreyi Ariya

 Men who suppress their Divine Feminine energies are crippled in their ability to become whole, to truly live a life in abundance and to build their empire together with their Divine Feminine partner. They are chasing external factors, such as money, fame, cars, houses, watches, luxury, and so on. He has not learned (yet) to do the inner work, to get into his heart space and feel the unconditional love that he is and receives.


R. Adams

 To attain self-realization, there is really nothing you have to do

It does not require puja, it does not require meditation, it does not require prayer, it does not require yoga. It does not require anything, for self-realization is your natural state to begin with

‘Infinite Way Letters of 1955’, Joel S. Goldsmith

 “What is freedom? Freedom is life living itself. Freedom is joy and peace. Freedom is the song of the soul. I am free and you are free, but not while we are attached to the wheel of human thought,All the anguish of passion, greed, lust, ambition, fear and domination is found in human thought.The result is not freedom but enslavement to the senses”

Spiritual Quotes

Sunday, August 30, 2020

A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity,' William Samuel (1989)

 'God is the one who is being all that is. God’s Awareness of all is this Consciousness - I-am, therefore, God has the “responsibility” to be This that I am and to sustain me. There is no demand upon me to do a thing. (This doesn’t mean that I don’t appear to do things!) There is no need on my part to worry, fret, fume, fuss or fear. There is only to go about the Father’s business of being the Father’s business - Awareness, witness of Infinity. This is my very own Identity



The Six Knots

 As soon as a child believes “I am this body” six knots appear in the childs life and they get tighter as the child grows.

From the knot that binds the child to the physical body, arises the knot of the mental body, from the knot of the mental body arises the knot of the pain body, from the knot of the pain body arises the knot of the emotional body and from these four knots arises the knot of the intellectual body.
These five knots form the knot of ignorance that gets tighter with desires, fear, shame, guilt and pain of loss which are the illusions created by the knot of ignorance.
What is to be done? When the time comes that you become aware of the situation, meditate to release the power of the mental knot for this is the main knot of ignorance and suffering.
Shun all thought by training your awareness to not be attached to any thought forms and make the awareness stronger by continual meditation.
OM Namah Shivaya
OM Shanti

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Ramana Maharishi


Saturday, August 29, 2020


It is the supreme elixir that overcomes the sovereignty of death.It is the inexhaustible treasure that eliminates poverty in the world. It is the supreme medicine that quells the world’s disease.It is the tree that shelters all beings wandering and tired on the path of conditioned existence.It is the universal bridge that leads to freedom from unhappy states of birth... It is the dawning moon of the mind that dispels the torment of disturbing conceptions... It is the great sun that finally removes the misty ignorance of the world…


Brahma, not to be confused with BRAHMAN

Brahma the creator of the universe is depicted as the four headed god, literally overseeing the whole world. Unlike the others, he does not carry weapons. The lotus in one of his hands symbolizes essence of all living beings on earth, while string of beads or the rudraskamala in the other serves to keep track of the universe’s time. The count of all the beads on the string equals one cycle of the universe. So here’s the math if you want to set the watch accordingly. One cycle of the universe equals 100 god years which are 311 trillion and 40 billion years on earth.

The creation of the universe is an interesting narrative enacted by Brahma. It is believed that In order to create the human race he crafted a goddess out of himself named Gayatri more eminently known as Saraswati. Humiliated by this odd episode, when Saraswati tried to hide herself Brahma grew the extra pairs of head to look for her. He initially developed five heads but lost one when Lord Shiva cut off one of his head in anger for accepting Paada Pooja from Parvati Devi, who performed the Paada Puja mistaking Brahma for Shiva. This incident is referred to as Brahma Kapalam.

The four Vedas are said to have sprung from his heads. Brahma also created the seers popular in most scriptures Marici, Angiras, Vashishta, Bhrgu and Narada, who referred to as his intellectual sons, while from his body surfaced the nine sons representing integrity, anger, greed, lust, delusion, repudiation candor, joy and death, the nine junctures of human journey.**



Amit Ray


I surrender before the ABSOLUTE " OM is not just a sound or a vibration .It is not just a symbol. . . If you think of OM only as a sound, a technique or a symbol of the Divine, you will miss it altogether. a mysterious Cosmic Sound Energy that is the substratum of all things and all beings of the entire Universe. It is the eternal song of the Divine. It is continuously resounding in silence in the background of EVERYTHING


Friday, August 28, 2020


O small self, you are a sparkling fish

at play in the ocean of consciousness,
and your life is swiftly coming to its end.
Death will skim above you and throw its sharp net.
You will not be protected by your watery world,
for selfish actions have kept you in the shallows.

The fisherman’s fatal net will surround you suddenly,
Why do you remain so near the surface of relative existence
where Death is granted its fishing grounds?
Yet there is still time.
Leave the dangerous shoreline, mundane mind,
and plunge into the silent produndity,
the black waters of Mother Kali’s mystery**


Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Upanishads

 Like two birds of golden plumage, inseparable companions, the individual self and the immortal Self are perched on branches of the selfsame tree. The former tastes of the sweet and bitter fruits of the tree; the latter, tasting of neither, calmly observes. 

🕉 Kenopanishad

 "The ear hears through the light of the Atman,

the tongue speaks through the power of the Atman,

the mind thinks through the power of the Atman,

and the Prana performs its functions through the power of the Atman only"

Buddha The King of Meditations Sutra

 Just as you have come to know the false discrimination of yourself

Apply this mentally to all phenomena.
All phenomena are completely devoid 
Of their own inherent existence, like space.
Through one all are known.
Through one all are also seen.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Self enquiry is possible for mature minds, not for immature ones

For the immature ones,

repetition of a prayer or holy name, worship of images,
breath control (pranayama),
visualising a piller of light,
and similar yogic and
spiritual and religious practices
have been prescribed.
Ramana Maharshi

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Tripura Rahasya

 Discriminate between that which is ever-changing and that which is changeless.

The world comprises both.

Know this.

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Matt Kahn

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Anup Gupta

 In Sanskrit:

Yadeveha tadamutra yadamutra tadanmiha -

In English:
What is here, indeed that is there;
what is there, that is also here.

Katha Upanishad, Vedantic scriptures of Sanatan Dharm of Hinduism of India


Tuesday, August 25, 2020