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Namo Bhagavathe Sri ArunachalaRamanaya

 Guru Vachaka Kovai (S¸ Áõ\PU ÷PõøÁ) is the most profound, comprehensive and reliable collection of the sayings of Sri Ramana, recorded in 1255 Tamil verses composed by Sri Muruganar, with an additional 42 verses composed by Sri Ramana. 

The title Guru Vachaka Kovai can be translated as The Series of Guru’s Sayings, or less precisely but more elegantly as The Garland of Guru’s Sayings. In this title, the word guru denotes Sri Ramana, who is a human manifestation of the one eternal guru – the non-dual absolute reality, which we usually call ‘God’ and which always exists and shines within each one of us as our own essential self, 

our fundamental self-conscious being, ‘I am’ –, the word vachaka means ‘saying’, and the word kovai is a verbal noun that means ‘threading’, ‘stringing’, ‘filing’ or ‘arranging’, and that by extension denotes a ‘series’, ‘arrangement’ or ‘composition’, and is therefore also used to denote eithher a string of ornamental beads or a kind of love-poem. 

by NZ Yogi

 Time to Abolish Belief:

I know I am alive, I don't have to believe that, in fact believing this is a waste of time and energy. I know God, therefore I don't have to believe in God.

We only have beliefs because we are unstable in our own self knowledge. All those people who go out with the intention of converting you to their faith (beliefs) only do so because they are unstable in their own self knowledge and it is only by having everyone else believing as they do that they will feel secure. Therefore I see attachment to any belief as a mental illness - you either know or your do not know.

Do you believe in aliens or life on other planets? The odds are in the light of scientific knowledge that life on other planets is possible, I am open to the possibility or probability that there is, but believing is nonsense.

Buddha taught 'take my ideas and try them out, and if they work for you, use them' he never said believe in me, create a religion in my name or follow me. Jesus said much the same thing and belief was never a factor in the teachings of the great masters.

"Belief is bullshitting yourself about something you do not know" ~ Sadhguru

Lets replace I believe with 'I think'.

Its time to dispense with belief, replace it with direct knowledge or a degree of possibility or probability as belief at the end of the day is simply a thought which is often given so much power it destroys. Please note that in order to not believe and accept an idea as potential, one must also suspend disbelief as the two forces are equal.


Power Of Devotion

 NIGUMA “This variety of desirous and hateful thoughts that strands us in the ocean of cyclic existence once realized to be without intrinsic nature, makes everything a golden land, child. If you meditate on the illusion-like nature of illusion-like phenomena, actual illusion-like buddhahood will occur through the power of devotion.”

Thursday, October 29, 2020

OSHO— The Great Path

 Nothing is stable in this life, neither love nor friendship. Constant change is the very nature of this world. The world is like a river... constantly flowing. Nothing is enduring, nothing is constant; and nothing can be made to endure, no matter how hard you try. You cannot hold that which is forever moving, forever flowing.

You want to hold it, to freeze it. You will have no success, for you are going against the very nature of things. It is because of the effort that you put into this futile endeavor that you find yourself so disturbed.
Change is the other name for the world; yet you attempt to find in it some permanent support on which your life can depend. This cannot be! Every moment of your life is filled with sorrow, for every moment further erodes the support on which you stand.
Here is what you should do: make an effort to find out what things it would hurt you to lose. Then, before they are lost, open your hands little by little, relax your grip on them. This is the method for conquering attachment. There is bound to be pain, but you must bear it.

Taking Refuge


Taking refuge is the means by which the mind is directed toward the Dharma. Prostrations serve to overcome pride and to lessen clinging to the ego. Vajrasattva practice purifies the practitioner of negative karma. The practice of Mandala offering is a training in generosity and accumulates merits, and Guru Yoga leads to a deep unity with the mind of teacher, which is inseparable from the mind of the Buddha. Above all, these practices for overcoming laziness and sloth, and counteract a relapse into the old behavior patterns that have kept all beings ensured in the cycle of rebirths since beginning-less time. - 

Drikung Kyabgon 

Hua Hu Ching


Do not go about worshipping deities and religious institutions as the source of the subtle truth. To do so is to place intermediaries between yourself and the divine, and to make of yourself a beggar who looks outside for a treasure that is hidden inside his own breast. If you want to worship the Tao, first discover it in your own heart. Then your worship will be meaningful.

G.K. Chesterton

 Mysticism keeps men sane. As long as you have mystery you have health; when you destroy mystery you create morbidity. The ordinary man has always been sane because the ordinary man has always been a mystic. He has permitted the twilight. He has always had one foot in earth and the other in fairyland. He has always left himself free to doubt his gods; but (unlike the agnostic of to-day) free also to believe in them. He has always cared more for truth than for consistency. If he saw two truths that seemed to contradict each other, he would take the two truths and the contradiction along with them. His spiritual sight is stereoscopic, like his physical sight: he sees two different pictures at once and yet sees all the better for that.

Thus he has always believed that there was such a thing as fate, but such as thing as free will also. Thus he believed that children were indeed the kingdom of heaven but nevertheless ought to be obedient to the kingdom of earth. He admired youth because it was young and age because it was not.

It is exactly this balance of apparent contradictions that has been the whole bouyancy of the healthy man. The whole secret of mysticism is this: that man can understand everything by the help of what he does not understand. The morbid logician seeks to make everything lucid, and succeeds in making everything mysterious. The mystic allows one thing to be mysterious, and everything else becomes lucid."

Scott Lindberg

 I asked God

"What is your name? I want to be sure to get it right."
To my surprise an Angel came, put her head on my shoulder and whispered this in my ear.
"You are still seeking to define the undefinable, teratorialize the boundriless, stamp your approval rating on the invisible. You have great confusion because you think that I speak the languages of your world. But to put my beauty and radiance to word or paper would certainly diminish its loveliness and luminosity.
I think I know Humanities lauguge and John Hancock, but it comes to me in light signatures.
You see I and my Angelic children with a mere thought, created a thousand planets, quite similar to yours. Sneezed out galaxies.
Had a pillow fight and feathered out Universes. All in a day of childlike joy and play.
Could powers of such magnitude have a form? Male and female~ness is something of human origin for I Am what you
call quite Androgynous.
Oh, my, we are certainly so much more than that.
I can take on any form I choose. Why do you insist I must look like you, talk like you, think like you? you? Your arrogance proceeds you silly.
Since the beginning of time man, has created God in their own image. I think you got it
"outside in" and backwards.
What do sad people have in common? They have built a shrine to gender, to words, dogma, rules and creeds. Insisted on setting unattainable goals. Hammering out in stone standards that no one human could ever meet.
What a set up!
They worship the past, miss the present for fear of future.They've built walls to keep others out, yet those very walls have become their own prison.
They made a list of all the sins of their neighbors but ran out of ink before they could write their own. They created an eternal burning torture chamber to threaten those who just simply use different words. They put me in their elaborate Temples and glass Cathedrals, cram me in a box with pretty ribbons and bows. Then place it up on a pedestal to be worshipped.
To die for, to kill for!
I AM making Love all day through everything atom, every cell, every flower, every thought you think.
I AM seeing the world through your eyes, how about looking at the more beautiful and precious things for awhile, like seeing the glory and mastery of my loveliness, my heart, in all others.
Even my very breath is now going in and out of your lungs. And yours mine! Ha! Imagine that!
If we were to make an appearance you would be so starstuck by our beauty you couldn't speak. You would be so blinded by our radiance that you couldn't see. And so confounded by our wisdom and the deepness of our unfathomable Love, that you wouldn't be able to even remember my name. Heck you wouldn't be able to remember "your" name!
You want to be happy ?
Love all unconditionally, no ifs ands or buts. You may love us too we'd like that, it is good to be appreciated!
Oh....and stop being so religious!
Its unbecoming of you,
.......and me!

Tantra: The Supreme Understanding by Prem Aakash


The shakti flows more naturally through someone who is deeply in touch with the feminine, which is oftentimes the woman. Therefore when the woman is fully aroused, once her entire body is loved and worshipped, she will open her yoni, she will be fully orgasmic, and she will share the nectar of the depth of her being with you. When the entire system is activated women can access amazing arousal states and discover their deep erotic nature. Then you will be able to ride her waves of pleasure and expand into the magnetic field of your union.⁣
Sex is not about your/her pleasure, it is about cultivating something that is beyond you or her, that is more than the sum of its parts... A field that you can expand into together, and become infinitely vast.⁣
So... the deeper you go, the deeper she opens... and it affects both of you. ⁣
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 THE TANTRA ATTITUDE IS THE VERY BEING OF TILOPA. You must understand first what the tantra attitude is, only then will it be possible for you to comprehend what Tilopa is trying to say.

So something about THE TANTRA ATTITUDE -- the first thing: it is not an attitude, because TANTRA LOOKS AT LIFE WITH A TOTAL VISION. It has no attitude to look at life. It has no concepts, it is not a philosophy. It is not even a religion, it has no theology.
IT DOESN'T BELIEVE IN WORDS, THEORIES, DOCTRINES. It wants to look at life without any philosophy, without any theory, without any theology. It wants to look at life as it is, without bringing any mind in between -- because that will be the distortion. The mind then will project, the mind then will mix -- and then you will not be able to know that which is.
TANTRA AVOIDS MIND AND ENCOUNTERS LIFE FACE TO FACE, neither thinking, "This is good," nor thinking, "This is bad": simply facing that which is. So it is difficult to say that this is an attitude -- in fact it is a NO-ATTITUDE.
Tantra: The Supreme Understanding
Ch #5: The Innate Truth
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