Friday, June 30, 2023

Hazrat Inayat Khan

 The worlds are held together by the heat of the sun; each of us are atoms held in position by that eternal Sun we call God. Within us is the same central power we call the light, or the love of God; by it we hold together the human beings within our sphere, or, lacking it, we let them fall.



Anon I mus



 “We are all working through the unfinished business we came into this life to complete—connecting the beads of life experience through the process of purification into an evolving awareness that we are here to serve more than our own self.”

Stevan L. Davies


“I think that Gnosticism is about discovering the way that God has turned into you, and then realizing that if you can describe how it is that God turned into you, you can reverse the process.”


 If we look at the world around us, we see that we are conditioned to not listen deeply. Because isn't that what silence is? It's a listening, a deep wordless listening.


1. What never changes at any time is the Knowing-Consciousness within.

 2. Consciousness is Infinite, and being above time is Immortal. This alone can be the truth\

. 3. To know the Self or Atman is to be free. 

4. Through Knowledge of Brahman comes power, victory over death, immortality and everlasting bliss.

 5. In truth, there is no atheist in this world. Everybody wants happiness. Everyone tries to get happiness. Happiness is God. 

6. This world is not chaos. It is an organised, divine institution.

 7. A knowledge of the true life is philosophy

. 8. To have triumph over the mind and lower nature is the greatest culture or civilisation

. 9. Matter should not rule life, but life should rule matter

. 10. You make your life, your world, by your own thought.

 11. The body is objectified thought. It is objectified Will. 

12. There is nothing in this world which one may not attain by right exertion. 

13. Peace should be found at home first, and in the heart of man, and then let him talk of world peace.

 14. Unity should be found at home first and then let them talk of world unity. 15. Behaviour is a basis for inferring about the inner consciousness of man 

Guru Nanak


Eckhart Tolle

 Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now.

And that's a revelation for some people: to realize that your life is only ever now.

Hazrat Inayat Khan:


When one dives within, he finds that his real self is above the perpetual motion of the universe.

One truth many songs


Besant, Annie and Leadbeater, C.W.


“The cleansing of the personality and the attaining of more light upon one’s way is ever the preparation for increased and more adequate service.”

Sri Shibendu Lahiri


"Remain in the state of not knowing,
work effortlessly, help others
and live in abundance."


 1. The Imperishable is the Real or Brahman.\

 2. To become one with Brahman is Wisdom.

 3. Brahman sees all, knows all. He is wisdom Itself.

 4. To know Brahman hidden in the lotus of the heart is to untie the knot of ignorance. 

5. God or Brahman is your dearest and nearest


1. The Upanishads are the breath of the Eternal. 

2. The Eternal Voice speaks within the core of your heart. Wake up! Thou art the Immortal, all-blissful Spirit. ‘Tat Twam Asi’. 

3. Awake! Arise! O Man! You are a pilgrim on the path of Truth. You are Divine. Find the way back to your spiritual abode of eternal bliss.

 4. Hold fast to that which ever endures. 

5. Look not outside for light, peace, joy and bliss but look within.

Thomas Merton

 Nothing has ever been said about God that hasn't already been said better by the wind in the pine trees.

Anthony de Mello

 "Loneliness is not cured by human company. Loneliness is cured by contact with reality."

Franklin Merrell-Wolff


"I looked, as it were, over the world, asking: 'What is there of interest here? What is there worth doing?' I found but one interest: the desire that other souls should also realize this that I had realized, for in it lay the one effective key for the solving of their problems. The little tragedies of men left me indifferent. I saw one great Tragedy, the cause of all the rest, the failure of man to realize his own Divinity. I saw but one solution, the Realization of that Divinity." 

Sivananda One Truth


There is only one Caste— The Caste of HUMANITY. There is only one Religion— The Religion of LOVE. There is only one Commandment— The Commandment of TRUTHFULNESS. There is only one Law— The Law of CAUSE and EFFECT. There is only one God— The Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient Lord. There is only one Language— The Language of HEART or the Language of SILENCE.



Where the thinking path is exhausted
and the roots of life cease,
there the self becomes tranquil
and the time of life's fulfillment arrives.

Franklin Merrell-Wolff, from Philosophy of Consciousness Without an Object


 There are men of strange taste who seem to like the resultant gambler's world of complete uncertainty wherein nothing may be trusted and only illusions are left to feed the yearning for belief. But for all those of deeper religious need, the death of hope for certainty is the ultimate tragedy of absolute pessimism -- not the relative pessimism of a Buddha, a Christ, or a Schopenhauer, who each saw the hopeless darkness of this dark world as well as a Door leading to the undying Light, but rather a pessimism so deep that there is no hope for Light anywhere. Somewhere there must be certainty if the end of life is to be more than eternal despair. And to find this certainty something other than criticism is required.

Talks with Ramana Maharshi


 Leave it to Him. Surrender unreservedly. One of two things must be done. Either surrender because you admit your inability and also require a Higher Power to help you; or investigate into the cause of misery, go into the Source and merge into the Self. Either way you will be free from misery. God never forsakes one who has surrendered. Mamekam saranam vraja. [Take refuge in Me.]

William Samuel


 Silent prayer or any other kind of meditation and contemplation without action in the world is like asking God to end our thirst without our drinking water.

William Samuel

 "Let the beliefs go. Let what 'they say' go. Drop all the old personal opinions no matter how near and dear they seem. You start anew, turning within to the heart. Then when you arrive at your own meaning of God, you happily find you are also discovering your own real Identity and its childlike simplicity."

Art Ticknor

 "The idealism of youthful love with its whisper of immortality fades, but the fortunate person finds a new direction for pursuit of the best that life has to offer. The appeal of love is the loss of the boundary that traps us in our conviction of individuality, of being a thing apart. This seeming separation also leaves us feeling threatened with being overwhelmed and subject to annihilation. It is the cocoon or egg of the undefined self."

Max Tegmark


The black hole "teaches us that space can be crumpled like a piece of paper into an infinitesimal dot, that time can be extinguished like a blown-out flame, and that the laws of physics that we regard as 'sacred,' as immutable, are anything but,"

From Thomas Traherne's poem “My Spirit”


"His name is Now, His nature is forever, none can his creatures from their maker sever." 



The only difference between us is that I am aware of my natural state, while you are bemused.… We discover it by being earnest, by searching, enquiring, questioning daily and hourly, by giving one's life to this discovery.

the Kingdom is within you.


If those who guide you say to you
     "Lo, the Kingdom is in heaven,"
     Then the birds of heaven will get there before you.
If they say to you
     "It is in the sea,"
     Then the fish will get there before you.
But the Kingdom is within you.

Douglas Harding


First take the question of where the saving truth, the secret of secrets, is to be found. The answer leaves no room for doubt. The kingdom—the place of Life, of Knowledge, of Rest—isn't above or beyond or beneath. It is within. It is right where I am at this present moment, nearer to me than myself, than anything else.

Eternally, I am


Eternally, I am
pure being, pure awareness and pure joy
only and always here now
prior to and utterly beyond
all self-images and self-imaginings
all thoughts of self and other
all fears and desires
all matter & mind
all space & time
all pasts & futures
all labels and religions
all gods and gurus
and all appearances.
Only I am as only God Is.
Empty of regrets and anxieties, I am full of this moment.
I am fully present in it.
It is the Only Moment that Is.
This is the only Presence there Is.
Absolutely empty, I am absolutely full.
The Bible is an alien artificial intelligence control technology.
Jesus is a composite mythical figure based on earlier heroic tales.
No one ever died for my sins, because I haven't any.
This is my home. I am not a stranger here.
I have no fear; hence, I am free to love.