Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Kirpal Singh

 “Meditation is the process of withdrawing the attention from the world outside, and focusing it at the seat of the soul in the body, behind and between the eyebrows. This point is known as the inner eye, third eye, the single eye… In order to withdraw our attention and focus it on this point, mind must be controlled and stilled. Sit in one pose, and move not your head, limbs or eyes. Sit straight but relaxed with no tension in the body below. Sit still, please. Close your eyes as in sleep, and look sweetly, lovingly, intently into the middle of the darkness lying in front of you. You will see a dark veil. That which sees the dark veil within, without the help of your physical eyes, is the inner eye.”


Bhagavad Gita




Mahamaya (Illusion) , Vishnu’s impenetrable power, makes jivas (sentient beings) –though they are all manifestations of himself –battle one another even to the death. Prakriti (Nature) overpowers their hearts with her passions: anger and the rest.
The only way to conquer these is to realise The Atman (The Self) , at which, Maya, which dements the intellect of the egoistic man, melts away from him. He finds how absurdly meaningless all the arguments of Maya truly are; he discovers that there is no place in the Atman for the mind, so full of sankalpa and vikalpa: will and doubt.
In the Atman there is no distinction between creator and created, nor the universe of cause and effect that follow upon that premise. In the realised man, the jiva does not exist as ahamkara (ego) . In the Atman there is no one bound, nor do any bonds exist. The Sage abides in this oceanic Atman, without ego, without any distraction.
**This is, indeed, the condition of Vishnu, realised by those that reject the body and the ego as being their Self. These bhaktas (devotees) love God to the exclusion of everything else. **

Unknown Author



Individually and collectively, we are shifting from a position of fear into surrender and trust of the intuitive. The power of the feminine energy is on the rise in our world.


Tuesday, March 30, 2021


Not one of the Masters came with the thought of forming an exclusive community or to give a certain religion. They came with the same Message . . . that God, Truth, Religion are one: duality only a delusion of human nature. Think, then, what a great service lies before this Message — at this time, when nation is against nation, race against race, when the followers of one religion are constantly working against the followers of another religion, class working against class; competition, hate, prejudice prevailing everywhere. . . .
Life is one continual battle, and only one thing can ease this battle — consideration for others, reciprocity, unselfishness instead of selfishness. In the world's progress, with selfishness as the central theme, progress will never lead to the soul's desire and aim.. . . For life is not only to live, but to ennoble oneself and reach that perfection which is the innate yearning of the soul. The solution to the problem of the day is that the consciousness of humanity may be awakened to the divinity of man. The undertone of all religions is the realisation of the One Life which culminates in the thought of Unity.— Inayat Khan



 Vedas and ancient Indian science theories are often considered as the most advanced works in the world from their era. There are scientists taking who are fascinated by the knowledge of the ancient Indian scholars and dedicated their life researching on the ancient Indian Science


Veda Rig 1.35.9

“The sun moves in its own orbit but holding earth and other heavenly bodies in a manner that they do not collide with each other through force of attraction. 


Monday, March 29, 2021



That which speech does not illumine, but which illumines speech:
**know that alone to be the Brahman, not this which people worship here.
That which cannot be thought by mind, but by which, they say, mind is able to think: know that alone to be the Brahman, not this which people worship here.
That which is not seen by the eye, but by which the eye is able to see: know that alone to be the Brahman, not this which people worship here.
That which cannot be heard by the ear, but by which the ear is able to hear: know that alone to be Brahman, not this which people worship here.
That which none breathes with the breath, but by which breath is in–breathed: know that alone to be the Brahman, not this which people worship here.**




Within you lies the sun, the moon, the sky and all the wonders of this universe. The intelligence that created these wonders is the same force that created you. All things around you come from the same source. We are all one.





**In reality, time and space exist in you; you do not exist in them. They are modes of perception, but they are not the only ones. Time and space are like words written on paper; the paper is real, the words merely a convention.
Discard all you are not and go ever deeper.
Just as a man digging a well discards what is not water ... so must you discard what is not your own, till nothing is left which you can disown.
You will find that what is left is nothing which the mind can hook on to. You are not even a human being.
You just are - a point of awareness, co-extensive with time and space and beyond both, the ultimate cause, itself uncaused.
If you ask me “Who are you?”, my answer would be: “Nothing in particular. Yet, I am.”**




** Things are happening every day. Yet, one day you will awaken. It's the same as awakening from your dream at night.**
** There is no difference.**
** **
** When you awaken to the dream at night, do you have any interest in the dream? You may for a while. If you're into dreams, you may try to decipher what the dream means, for a little bit. But after a while you forget all about the dream.**
** So it is with this world. When a person awakens, or a person becomes liberated, they are able to see the dream, but they know they are not part of it. They also observe everything, but they are not part of the dream. The world no longer has any power over them, over the awakened person, the liberated person.**
** **
** The world has no power whatsoever over you once you're liberated.**


 Sri Annamalai Swami

For real and lasting results you have to look inside yourself and discover the Self within. You can do that anywhere. Turn to the light within all the time.


Sunday, March 28, 2021

Shree Maa


 “These are the qualities of a disciple: humility, modesty, causing harm to none, patience, the purification of knowledge, worship of the teacher, purity, consistency, self control, constant equanimity of consciousness, unswerving devotion, distaste for the society of gossip, always residing in spiritual wisdom. All that is opposed is ignorance.”



The truth is that we are a part of God. God could not have created anything except out of his own consciousness. We’re all his dream, and our duty in life that God has assigned to us, that the universe has placed squarely in our laps, is to find out who we really are. “Gnothi seauton,” as the Greeks used to say. “Know thyself.” But to know thyself, if you trace it back, to the deeper and deeper levels, you discover that that self is not your body or your ego or your personality or your country or anything, that’s just a sack of self-definitions that you carry around with you.






Always recognize the dreamlike qualities of life and reduce attachment and aversion. Practice good-heartedness towards all beings. Be loving and compassionate, no matter what others do to you. What they do will not matter so much when you see it as a dream. The trick is to have a positive intention during the dream. This is the essential point.


Peter Matthiessen Died to this realm April 5th 2014

“When we are mired in the relative world, never lifting our gaze to the mystery, our life is stunted, incomplete; we are filled with yearning for that paradise that is lost when, as young children, we replace it with words and ideas and abstractions- such as merit, such as past, present, and future- our direct, spontaneous experience of the thing itself, in the beauty and precision of this present moment.”


❤ the Great Mother Kali ❤ .

 She speaks, 

Listen to me daughter, and know me for who I am.
I've been with you since you were born,
and I will stay with you until you return to Me in the final darkness.
I am the passionate and seductive lover who inspires the poet to dream.
I am the one who calls you at the end of your trip.
I am the one who is at the end of your day,
where all my children find my blessing resting in my embrace.
I am the womb from which all things are born.
I am the vague and motionless grave; all things must come to me,
bare her chest to die and then be reborn to the whole.
I am the sorceress who will not be ruled,
the Weaver of Time,
the Revealer of Mysteries.
I am the one who tears the throats of the cruel and drinks the blood of the ruthless.
Swallow your fear and come to Me and you will discover true Beauty, Strength and Courage.
I am the fury that tears the flesh of injustice.
I am the glowing forge that transforms your inner demons into power tools.
Open your interior to My embrace!
and become part of the Light that is in the Dark.
I am the gleaming sword that protects you from harm.
I am the Crucible in which all aspects of You converge into a Rainbow of union.
I am the deep velvet of the night sky,
the swirls of midnight mist,
shrouded in mystery.
I am the chrysalis in which you will face the one who terrifies you and from which you will flourish vibrant and renewed.
Find me at the crossroads of life and death,
and you will transform, so that once you look over my face,
look where there is no return.
I am the cauldron in which all opposites grow to know each other in truth
I am the great network that connects all things.
I am the healer of all wounds,
the mother of the warrior who straightens all evils in due time.
I am the one who makes the weak strong.
The one that humiliates the arrogant.
The one that rises above the oppressive power.
I am justice.
I am mercy.
I am the end, and I am also the beginning.
Most importantly, my girl, I am You.
I am part of You, and I am within You.
Look for me inside and outside, and you will always be strong.
Know me.
Venture out into the dark so you can wake up to balance, enlightenment, and integrity.
Take my love with you everywhere and you will find inside the energy of being who You want.
I honor you, I bless you and I love you! with all the supreme love
Peace! light! love! and healing throughout the world so be it!
Great Mother Kali. Veda IndĂș.


Fazal Inayat-Khan

 We must come to the point at which we have the freedom, the courage, to look at things as a baby does, without foreknowledge; to let whatever new reality apperception comes, let it come in and experience it fully and totally, without understanding it. For understanding is only classifying something by previously established patterns of thought.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Ishawashya Upanishad

O Almighty!
You are the infinite; the universe is also infinite!
From infinite the infinite has come out!
Having taken infinite out of the infinite, the
Infinite remains!
O Almighty! May there be Peace! Peace!




"The development of spiritual consciousness results in a greater gift of feeling the harmony of being. We understand that neither seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, nor smelling will reveal spiritual truth or its harmonies to us; therefore it must come through a different faculty, the intuitive faculty which acts through feeling".