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Mahamaya (Illusion) , Vishnu’s impenetrable power, makes jivas (sentient beings) –though they are all manifestations of himself –battle one another even to the death. Prakriti (Nature) overpowers their hearts with her passions: anger and the rest.
The only way to conquer these is to realise The Atman (The Self) , at which, Maya, which dements the intellect of the egoistic man, melts away from him. He finds how absurdly meaningless all the arguments of Maya truly are; he discovers that there is no place in the Atman for the mind, so full of sankalpa and vikalpa: will and doubt.
In the Atman there is no distinction between creator and created, nor the universe of cause and effect that follow upon that premise. In the realised man, the jiva does not exist as ahamkara (ego) . In the Atman there is no one bound, nor do any bonds exist. The Sage abides in this oceanic Atman, without ego, without any distraction.
**This is, indeed, the condition of Vishnu, realised by those that reject the body and the ego as being their Self. These bhaktas (devotees) love God to the exclusion of everything else. **

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