Wednesday, December 9, 2020



''Your mind is just like a river. Thoughts and thoughts and a crowd of thoughts go on passing. You simply sit by the bank, unconcerned, just a witness, and you are in for a great surprise.
Slowly slowly, as you become more and more centred and simply a witness, thoughts start disappearing. They can exist only with your identification. You give energy to your mind. When you pull yourself out, you have stopped giving nourishment to the mind. And once there is no nourishment — thoughts are very fragile things — they start dying out.You are here with me to learn a very simple thing: to enjoy peace, to enjoy silence, to enjoy something that is within you...
Soon there is silence, there is peace. And this peace is such a tremendous experience that once you have reached the first rung of the ladder, the ladder goes to infinity. You can go on and on discovering new layers of peace. This is the real excitement, unending excitement.
That’s the meaning of the word ‘ecstasy’: unending excitement.
You cannot exhaust it, you cannot come to a point where you say, ‘There is no more to discover and I am feeling flat.’ It has never happened. On my own authority I say to you, I have been going as fast as possible, deeper and deeper into silence, but there is no bottom, there is no limit. Each moment of silence brings new fragrance. Peace brings new flowers.
'Peaceful Warrior' by Caroline Maniere

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