Wednesday, December 9, 2020

UG in The Sage And The Housewife.


"Looking at a rose does not tell you that it is a rose.
The things you notice about the rose--its color, shape, fragrance, and beauty--were all created by the looker.
These things are not qualities of the thing itself, but our own knowledge about the flower projecting itself, that's all."
He went on to say that man had created God out of his greed.
The ultimate greed is God.
A man who is at peace with himself and the world (for they form one unit) would not create a God, and would never ask himself how to find peace of mind.
These kinds of questions are born out of man's false sense of dilemma and not of his natural physical state of being.
Soon the mechanical nature of man, the automatic functioning of the biological organism, will be discovered.
He says that we are not ready to accept the fact that we are functioning exactly like computers, with information put into us from the outside.
"You are nothing but a memory, but you don't want to accept your automatic, mechanical nature."
UG continued along a slightly different line, "If there were no crime in this world, many would be left unemployed.
Crime is an industry, like any other, and feeds millions--judges, policemen, jailers, and thieves.
If you took away the beliefs of the masses, there would be even more jobless.
What would the priests and holy men do?
The scientists are no better, as they are a direct threat to the world.
They have developed the means to blow up the entire planet.
Instead of being alarmed, they spend their time awarding each other Nobel prizes.”

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