Friday, November 20, 2020


 Sri Ma’s Special Directives for Spiritual Aspirants

In order to advance towards Self-Realisation,
it is absolutely necessary for an aspirant to yearn constantly for his sublime goal.
He should practice sadhana regularly,
whether he feels in a mood for it or not.
To criticize people or to feel hostile towards anyone harms oneself and puts obstacles into one’s path to the Supreme.
If someone does something bad, you should feel nothing but affection and benevolence towards him or her.
‘Lord ! This is also one of Thy manifestations.’
The more kindly and friendly you can feel and behave towards everybody, the more will the way to the One – who is goodness itself – open out.
Take care not to be contented at any stage. Some aspirants have visions, others
realizations. Or, someone experiences bliss, great happiness and thinks he has himself
become God. On the spiritual path, before true Realisation supervenes, one may get caught in supernatural powers (vibhutis or siddhis). These constitute obstacles.
The positive proof that the aspirant is centred in God is that he ceases to hate any person or object, and that good qualities such as love, forgiveness, patience, forbearance go on increasing in him. When this change takes place in an aspirant, he will come to see that the One Brahman pervades each and every form, all sects, creeds.
An aspirant should not indulge in useless conversation or gossip, but speak only when it is really necessary, which means that he must be a man of few words.
Try and try again to reach the goal you have set before yourself. So long as
Realisation does not come, you must never relax your efforts.
Let this be your firm resolve.
In the quest of Self-Knowledge, Love is the crucial factor. Whether it pleases you or
not, you will have to make the Eternal your constant companion, just like a remedy that has got to be taken. Without loving God, you will not get anywhere. Remember this all the time.

(Lighthouses Guiding Seeker’s Journey Within) by V. Ganesan

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