Friday, November 20, 2020

Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna


🪞 “I and mine” - this is ignorance. Rasmani built the Kali Temple – everybody says this. Nobody says that God built it. So-and-so founded the Brahmo Samaj – everybody says so. Nobody says that it came into being only by the will of God.
“I am the doer” - this is ignorance. “O Lord, You are the doer, I do nothing; You are the operator, I am the machine” - this is knowledge. “O Lord, nothing is mine. This temple is not mine, the Kali Temple is not mine, the Samaj is not mine – these are all Yours. Wife, son, family – none of these is mine – they are all Yours” - this is knowledge.
People say: “This is mine, it belongs to me”. Loving all such objects as your own is Maya. But loving all things is Daya (compassion). “I love only the members of the Brahmo Samaj”, or “I love only my family” - this is Maya. To love only your compatriots is Maya. To love people of all countries, to love followers of all religions, comes from love of God, from Daya.
Maya binds man. It takes one away from God. Daya leads one towards Him. Sukadeva and Narada both had Daya.

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