Friday, November 20, 2020

Adi Shankaracharya

 ''Thoughts are the superimposition of name and form. In samadhi, the limitations of thoughts are transcended.

Samadhi is the abidance in the pure consciousness that illumines these thoughts. Samadhi, therefore, does not depend on the appearance or disappearance of thoughts. Since the world of names and forms is experienced by everyone as thoughts only, one in samadhi remains undisturbed by the world.
Samadhi is the alert, steady and poised state of mind in its true nature. Assuming a pose does not guarantee this poise. One can only be alert, to be alert. This attentiveness can be maintained irrespective of the activity one undertakes, the emotions one feels, or the thoughts one entertains. Hence, it is said that meditation should be practiced at all times.''

artwork by A. Manivelu

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