Thursday, November 26, 2020

✅ The Essence of Spiritual Practice A Light on the Teaching of Ramana Maharshi

 206. Since a life of great peace exists deep

within the ocean of our heart, we should be completely indifferent towards the many tendencies (vasanas) which are tossing like heavy waves on the surface of that ocean, and with intense desirelessness (vairagya) we should dive deep into Self, the
primal consciousness of our existence.
207. Having dived deep into the heart,
which is the consciousness “I”,
and having thereby rectified all kinds of sense-knowledge, which are distortions
of the one real consciousness, and which rise like bubbles on the surface of the ocean,
we should abide only as this existence-consciousness, which shines as “I am”, without knowing anything through
the senses.
208. When we thus abide more and more in the natural state of Self,
all the innumerable tendencies (vasanas) will be destroyed.
Other than this practice of Self-abidance, there is no effective means that will destroy the tendencies so easily and so quickly.

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