Monday, October 26, 2020

What Mind?

Many seem to think that there is a separate mind to consciousness and that is wrong view.

Consciousness alone is reality and that which we call mind arises in the space of consciousness as a train of thoughts and images and all connected to sense objects and the duality of subject object thinking.
When these rise onto the surface of consciousness they are reflected onto it and your attention gives them life with any feeling or emotion that comes with them.
If you obey the thoughts by being dominated by them, that is ‘Samsara’ but if you pull away from them or remain unconnected to them, that is ‘Nirvana’ or ‘Self Awareness’ or ‘Awareness of My Self as Awareness.’
This brings up the importance of meditation and how, eventually, meditation and post meditation become one, because the practice of ‘Empty Mind’ in meditation becomes the practice of ‘Empty Mind’ in post meditation.
What is the nature of mind?
Emptiness like the sky, and stillness too, in fact the mind is not the mind until a thought arises into the stillness of consciousness and moves consciousness, then, consciousness can be called mind, but mind as an entity does not exist of its own accord, it is simply thoughts that are the ego expressing itself as karmic messages called thought by the power of the ‘Consciousness’ that you are.
Om Shanti.

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