Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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I live my life for the Union of ALL Beings everywhere. To know their true state of Union beyond this Earth with all existences throughout this Universe, NOW.
There are no divisions in countries or waters, or beings on this Earth and throughout the Universe. We are all beings ~ BEING. There are no aliens in this. As all are beings.
I choose this wholeness with every breath I take. That it is simply BEING that we know our own UNION with all aspects of self.
The dimensions are joined as interlinking levels of awareness, that hold together through true love our awareness of this.
It is up to us to accept this UNION as an aspect of our eternal self.
That the created appearance of separation is the very stepping stone to the truth of our own existence, eternally and everywhere.
My consciousness that is cosmic, is the unifying presence that knows beyond knowing, that what is, simply is. It cannot get more simple than this.
To love oneself is the beginning of this path to wholeness.
No one can give you the love that can only come from you to you.
This is the necessary step on the way to union that many that live through outer awareness neglect.
It is simple completely accept yourself and what is NOW.
And then stay there with every breath.
This is the presence of the almighty that you imagine are in distant worlds away. Yet they are not. It is all here NOW.
And if there is any humor in the Earth experience, it is this ~ once you are in union, you realize that it was always present with you, that is; that which you searched for for aeons, was always right before your very eyes.
It cannot get any more simple than this.
Love yourself so much that you just love now.
For in the presence of the DIVINE once fully here now and known, you are in paradise once believed lost. It was here all along.
In this we do activate you, for the full union of BEING of all BEINGS everywhere, now.
This is the DIVINE self, the one you feel is far away, yet present all along, in love.

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