Monday, October 26, 2020

Shannon R Riley

 Women used to open their legs and stand like a warrior in ancient times. We connected our yoni to the earth and pulled strength, wisdom and power from her through our root chakra up . This connection was deep and deeply respected… it was sacred.

It was but the last 2000 years that women have been forced to close their legs and sit and stand like a lady. They tried to tame the Wild Woman… THEY FAILED! She is alive inside of us. All of us! She is the lioness that protects her children, she is the thunderstorm raging in us when injustice is done, she is the wolf who want’s to howl to the moon and the butterfly that spreads joy...
When a woman and her womb, heart and pineal align she can awaken fully to herself as the cosmic portal to God, in Sacred Union, in the tantra, the masculine and the feminine aspects join in the union of GOD. The awakening of the MOTHER of the DIVINE FEMININE is making herself known. In MEN and WOMEN... she is the DANCE WITHIN YOU.

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