Sunday, April 28, 2024

Sadhu Om:


When the true nature of love is realized, it will completely cease to take the form of desire, which is its ‘vritti rupa’ [that is, which love is in the form of a vritti or movement]. When desire is thus removed, all its five offshoots, namely anger, miserliness, delusion (i.e. the inability to discern the truth), arrogance and jealousy, will also cease to exist [refer to verse 375 (*)]. Since all the problems of life are based upon only these six vices, it is said that the knot of all problems in life will be severed by realizing the true nature of love. The truth of love is nothing but Self. How? Since the real nature of Self is asti-bhati-priya or sat-chit-ananda, love [priya] or ananda cannot be different from Self. This is why the Sages declare that love is God. 

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