Monday, January 15, 2024

RAMAKANT/ULT/22 Ramakant Maharaj Teachings


You must find this out. You can discriminate, and separate illusion, from Reality because you are a Master. You are your own Master, the architect of your own life. You are the decision-maker.
You don’t have any connection with this world, and you don’t have any connection with spiritual knowledge. All the requirements, all the needs, absolutely everything, is body-related. The world is an illusion. You are Reality – Formless You! Sift through all the illusion, and discard it. Learn to discriminate and discern.
Who wants peace? Who wants happiness? We need happiness, bliss, a peaceful and tension-free life, all because we are considering ourselves as body-forms. And basically, we are formless. There is no birth, no death, no destiny, no heaven no hell. There is nothing there. To emerge from all the illusion, drop each and every concept, and loosen your attachments to the body-form.
Don’t struggle with the mind. Don’t struggle with anyone else. Be tolerant! Tolerance is a sign of living the spiritual life. Forgive and forget! Have strong courage to accept Reality.
The mind is only a manufacturer of thoughts. The intellect makes a decision, and the ego implements it. It is okay, it is just the bodily functions, but you are separate from all that. You are totally different from that. You are the Master of the mind, ego and intellect. So, start behaving like a Master, instead of a slave.
When your illusory knowledge has dissolved, whatever arises, will not cause you any problems, because by then, you will be invincible. You will be super-tolerant, super-courageous. The mind is separate from you. Your Reality is separate from the seen. Your Reality is invisible. You are a Master. Act like a Master!


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