Monday, January 15, 2024



Sages declare that freedom can be attained instantly, but in most cases all enquiry into the Self takes time to mature.

Everything is in the enquiry and the enquiry has to be ripe before freedom is attained.

Even before the creation of the universe when there was nothing else but consciousness, a will to manifest the universe rose up from consciousness.

That very will is responsible for all that you see now. Instantly, the whole universe was created by the will,

"Let me be multiplied",

and it was multiplied.

Consciousness was transmitted into this will and this will is contained in this very instant. This will is in the whole of the manifestation, including all individuals.

So what is this will which has created the universe and is responsible for everything? It is dwelling in the hearts of each being. This will to create everything has risen from consciousness and this same will can and will return to its Source. Although this will, this instant, this manifestation, this appearance rises from consciousness, it abides within consciousness for Eternity.

But because there is another strong will within the mind to indulge in the illusion of bodily and worldly affairs, it is kept hidden. The result is that you become what you will and you see what you think.

We don't like to suffer because we have already seen eternal happiness, therefore we know that we can avoid suffering.

So that will,

which is the Source of all creation,

is a very mature will when it wills to return home. It takes time for this will to rise up.

When you stop thinking of other things apart from returning home, you will eventually return home.

You have to be fully devoted to the Self, you have to honour the Self and you have to work for it in the beginning.

Then you will finally attain eternal rest.

It is all in your own hands.


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