Wednesday, January 31, 2024

No dualities, no differentiation. Only Atman exists

Gita: 4: 22------
".....who has gone beyond the conflicting dualities like good (happiness) and bad (sorrow)....."

Gita: 4: 42-----
".....cut all such conflicting dualities (doubts) by the sword (weapon) of knowledge. ....."

Gita: 5: 18-----
"The learned men [who have come out of delusions (māyā), got rid of avidyā] see no differentiation have equal vision for a reverred Brahmin, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a cāndāla (outcaste, rogue, mleccha, demonic person etc)"

Gita: 5: 19-----
"Those who have achieved the true knowledge i.e. the 'Self-Knowledge' or the 'knowledge of Ātman' and see no difference, are free from conflicting dualities have merged in Brahman"

Gita: 5: 20-----
"One who does not get excited out of happiness on getting good and does not get depressed on getting bad is situated in Brahman i.e. is merged in Brahman"

Gita: 6: 9-----
"The one who has equal vision for a selfless do gooder, a friend, a foe, an unbiased, a well wisher, a depressed and jealous man, relatives, a righteous and a sinner is the best [as he sees no duality and differentiation but sees everything as Ātman]"

Gita: 6: 32-----
" one seeks and treats oneself with equal vision, the same way one who has equal vision for good and evil, for everybody is the best of all"

Gita: 6: 8-----
"For whom soil, a pebble and gold are alike, he is merged in Brahman"

Gita: 7: 27-----
".....people are getting entangled in the primordial ignorance (avidyā) of the conflicting dualities like good and evil, happiness and sorrow caused due to attachments, desires and hatred....."

Gita: 6: 28-----
".....who have cut-off conflicting dualities [like good and evil] is determinedly in my service. ...."

Only Ātman exists. There exists nothing except Ātman.

Gita: 7: 19-----
"Such a man who has attained true knowledge, the knowledge of Self, the knowledge of Ātman, in the last birth in the series of many births worships Me as-----Ātman alone exists-----everything is VĀSUDEV (Ātman/Brahman), there exists nothing except Vāsudev. Such a man is extremely rare"


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