Wednesday, January 31, 2024

In the beginning, God


There is but one God.

There is but one universe.

God is the universe.

God is not one and the universe another. The universe is not a separate creation of God's. It is God.

There is no created-universe.

Nothing is which has not always been.

All created things are from the beginning. They have no beginning. They do not come into being.

They are and always have been and always will be.

Creation means to man the coming into existence of something which was not before in existence.

Man's concept of creation is the coming into being of a physical, visible universe heretofore nonexistent.

The Creator is to man's mind a Sublime Being, separate and apart from man, who created the

physical universe of matter, causing to come into being that which had not been.

Man holds the concept of two universes; a spiritual and a physical. God is presumed to be of the

spiritual universe, perfect. Matter is of the physical universe, imperfect. God supposedly created the

imperfect physical universe separate and apart from Himself.

Man conceives a perfect and omnipotent God. A perfect and omnipotent God could not create


He could not create a lesser than Himself.

He could not create a greater than Himself.

God could not create other than Himself.

God did not create other than Himself, nor greater, nor lesser than Himself.

In the sense generally understood by man God did not create anything.

Nothing has been "created."

This is a "creating" universe, not a "created" one.

Man's concept of the sublime Being as the Creator of a material universe different in substance from

the spiritual universe is a misconcept.

God is all there is.



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