Friday, April 29, 2022

Tantra: The Supreme Understanding by Prem Aakash

 The shakti flows more naturally through someone who is deeply in touch with the feminine, which is oftentimes the woman. Therefore when the woman is fully aroused, once her entire body is loved and worshipped, she will open her yoni, she will be fully orgasmic, and she will share the nectar of the depth of her being with you. When the entire system is activated women can access amazing arousal states and discover their deep erotic nature. Then you will be able to ride her waves of pleasure and expand into the magnetic field of your union.⁣

Sex is not about your/her pleasure, it is about cultivating something that is beyond you or her, that is more than the sum of its parts... A field that you can expand into together, and become infinitely vast.⁣
So... the deeper you go, the deeper she opens... and it affects both of you. ⁣
Photo by @mariefeandjakesnow⁣

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