Sunday, August 22, 2021

Rig Veda

 Now may my prayer ascend to the far-striding Visnu, the Bull, who dwells upon the mountains, to him who unaided measured with threefold step these far-flung spheres.

Rig Veda I, 154, 3

The marks of his three strides are filled with honey imperishable; each is cause of joy. Alone he supports the three spheres-- Earth and Sky and all things living.

Rig Veda I, 154, 4

May I attain to Visnu's glorious mansion where the faithful rejoice, where, close beside the Strider, within his highest footstep springs the well of purest honey!

Rig Veda I, 154, 5

O for your realms where dwell the tireless oxen abundantly fumished with horns, whence shine from the highest step of the widely striding Hero, his multiple splendors!

Rig Veda I, 154, 6

As the sun, which helps all eyes to see, is not affected by the blemishes of the eyes or of the external things revealed by it, so also the one Atman, dwelling in all beings, is never contaminated by the misery of the world, being outside it.

Yajur Veda, Katha Upanishad, Part Two, Chapter II, 11


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