Monday, August 16, 2021

-Ang Stoic-

 ONE DREAM (Excerpt)

“We are divine beings, still trapped in a confined, limited, linear landscape. From this, we seek release, freedom, the ability to make choices, to dream, to recreate ourselves and we can only do this by reconnecting to our atavistic roots. We owe it not just to our ancestors who became enslaved by the polluted lies and clever cover-ups of the ruling elite, but to the limitless hopes and prosperity of our divine children, whose only desire is to know their true origins.
We are a divine species. We are born from pure light.
The world of metaphors and symbolism offers us divine insight, and based only on these, we can construct a more reliable, more beautifully cohesive story – a dream in which all of the people on this planet can share. Our earth – this planet – this heavenly paradise among the stars, has always held a beautiful, co-creative dream for all its creatures. One without separation. This is the only dream, seen thus far only by the mystics and the dreamers that have come to pass and all you brazen storytellers – you fearless artists out there – those seeking to ‘know’ and work with the spirit of truth itself.”


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