Sunday, June 13, 2021

- Papaji; Wake Up and Roar

  This desire to be free has arisen in a very few people. Free in this life. This year. This month. Now. This desire will decide. Like a moth who falls in love with the flame and rushes toward it without any delay. No holding on or holding back along the way. How much time to become flame itself? Going toward the flame is the decision to be free -- going toward the Atman.

The Atman consumes you, giving you eternal existence, eternal consciousness, and eternnal bliss. And nobody knows it. Everyone is searching outside through the senses. Whateveryou see, wherever you see name and form, it is not true. These names and forms will never give you peace or love. Whatever you see, feel, or experience through pleasurable sense objects ultimately will leave you hungry.
So this is the decision and the discernment. With this discernment, this discrimination, a few will decide "I want to be free." They will find a teacher. The teacher is within you. The satguru is within you. Your desire for freedom is going toward that satguru, that Brahman.

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