Monday, June 21, 2021

He is within all The Isha Upanishad

 He is within all "In the heart of all things, of whatever there is in the universe, dwells the Lord." Whatever we experience, whether through the inner or outer senses, it is a covering of the Lord (Isha). Since it conceals, it necessarily blinds, confuses, or inhibits us. It is  a door closed in ur face. Tragically, throughout lives without number we have not known this simple fact and have as a consequence believed that the experienced, whether objective or subjective, is the sole reality and have dissipated life after life in involvement with it to our pain and destruction.

 A door is never the way out: the wayout is revealed when the door is moved aside-eliminated. Not knowing this, either, we have clawed, hammered, and hewn at the door-at least in those lives when we were not adulating and worshiping it or calling it "God's greatest gift to us"-to no avail.

 The root problem is our believing in the door's reality, thinking that it is the beginning, middle, and end. Only when it disappears will we see the truth that lies beyond "things." We must not just get "inside" things, we must get to their heart. And how is that done? By getting into our own heart, into the core of our own being. There everything will be found. The key to the door is meditation.


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