Monday, June 21, 2021


Mahagauri is the kriya Shakti of existence . Kriya means action , the energy which creates motion in static matter is Mahagauri . She is the eighth manifestation of Goddess Durga who is worshiped on Maha Durgashtami . She is the beloved wife of Lord Shiva, who is meditated upon seated on Nandi, the bull. She has four hands in which she holds a trident , damru , abhaya and Vara mudras. She is saumyamukhi or has blissful expression on face .
Mahagauri also represents the union of Shiva with Shakti. She completes him by merging him with herself, which makes him Ashutosh. Shiva grants auspicious boons to his devotees only when he is United with Shakti , without her her he becomes dispassionate and has no purpose in existence . The reason Mahagauri plays a Damru represents that divine union of Shiva and Shakti. Their union is considered auspicious for continuance of existence , so Mahagauri embodies the greatest Auspiciousness.
She is the creator of life, the Yoni from whom the creation takes birth. She is mother to all life forms . Her worship grants experience of oneness with all lives. When one feels the same amount of love and compassion for everyone, the oneness can be felt. This oneness is auspiciousness of Mahagauri , as it reduces friction and stress in our surrounding and creates acceptance and Harmony , for smooth functioning of life . The purpose of spirituality is to reduce external friction to go deed inside your spiritual self . Mahagauri provides this kind of transformation with her worship
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