Tuesday, June 15, 2021



If you're not free now you will never be free. If you're under the impression that any effort or practise or even the desire to be free will work in order to 'achieve' Liberation, you will never be free. If you think, if 'You' think...You will never be free. Unless you already are. Now. Let go of the one that does not know. Let it go effortlessly. Like a dry leaf on the ground that is carried by the wind wherever, choicelessly moving and then not. There is nothing that needs to be done. Nothing, nothing. Not doing anything is the opposite of nothing needs to be done. There is no doing. There is no doership. Do not give up action, give up* the one that performs action. Giving up is also action. The one identifying with the I is also the I. All you can do is watch. That's all you've ever done anyway. And in that watching, freedom blazes forth, as it always has.
As you read these words your mind will move away. Let it. If you're not free Now, you will never be free. The funny thing is, there's only the Now. There's only YOU. So, who wants to be free of what? (:
Love love

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