Thursday, March 4, 2021

Robert Adams, T16: It’s All A Dream

 Everything is determined before birth! […] Remember, you are dreaming the dream, everything is going on in the dream. In your dream there is a sky, there are flowers, there is a moon, there are people, just like the world. And the dream seems to be external from you, but if you investigate, you see the dream is all taking place in your mind. While you are dreaming you still exist as the dreamer. […] Empty your minds. Become still, and everything will happen of its own accord. There is really nothing you have to do, just be still. Be still and know that I am God. […] When you allow your mind to think of its own accord, the thoughts begin to dissipate, and soon you have empty mind. Empty mind is consciousness, realization. That's all you have to do — have an empty mind. But as long as you believe, "I am the doer,” and you force yourself to have an empty mind, you never will, because the forcing makes the mind stronger. Rather, observe your thoughts, watch the mind thinking, and leave it alone. Do not identify with your thoughts, or with your body, for in realty there is no body and there are no thoughts, for there is only the Self, and you are that. […] I am simply a mirror for your own reflection, but I am a self-contained mirror. So all this is taking place as an image on myself.

All of life experiences are images on the screen of eternity. The screen is real. The images change. Consciousness is the screen. When you identify with consciousness you become consciousness. When you identify with the image you enhance the image, and you worry, and fret, and fear and you have all sorts of experiences. As soon as you begin to identify with reality, with consciousness, all fear leaves you, all doubt leaves you, all false thinking leaves you, and you become free. But that's the only free choice you get. Everything else has been preordained. […] The free choice again is: with what are you going to identify, with the image or the screen? If you identify with consciousness you are no longer reacting to conditions, because you understand that all things are for a short time only, then they disappear. Consequently nothing will irritate you, nothing will upset you, nothing will bother you for you are now appearing as only an image and will soon disappear. […] Your job is to save yourself. If you find yourself in a burning building, you do not stop to admire the pictures on the wall, you get out of the building as fast as you can. So, when you know you have a short time in this existence you do not stop to play the games of life, you try to find your self and become free as fast as you can.


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