Monday, February 22, 2021

By Prem Aakash


Quantum entanglement is the universal force connecting you to anyone and anything you have ever been in contact with, regardless of space or time. It is a process working in conjunction with nonlocality.

Beyond the purely material connections we’ve made over the course of our existence, we have made divine energetic connections as well. When our energy has connected with someone else’s, a quantumly entangled relationship occurs. This is one reason why you may find connections to the same souls over lifetimes and dimensions. But there’s something even more important to consider.

All of life comes from the infinite spark of Source, Creator, God, Goddess, or the Original Energy, whichever term you are most comfortable with. Everything in existence is an expansion and fractal existence of the original, infinite Source. Not only are you quantumly entangled with Source, you are a piece of Source with a direct connection to the expansive consciousness Source possesses.

This connection is what allows you to develop your consciousness, to connect with your guides and other multidimensional beings, and to evolve your perspective into the vastness of Source’s omnipresent, omnipotent wisdom if you so choose. The universe was created in a way that does not just allow, but commands an inseparable bond with one another, your planet, your universe, all of existence, and Source. You are never alone. You are never forsaken. You are never left without the ability to connect with the answers for any dilemma you face or the lessons you need to learn. You are simply, divinely loved because you are the spark of Source incarnate. 


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