Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Words of Anandamayi Ma “To lose control over oneself is not desirable.

In the search after Truth one must
not allow oneself to be overpowered by anything, but should watch carefully, whatever phenomena may supervene, keeping fully conscious, wide awake, in fact retaining complete mastery over oneself.
Loss of consciousness and of self-control are never right.
While absorbed in meditation, whether one is conscious of the body or not, whether there be a sense of identification with the physical or not – under all circumstances,
it is imperative to remain wide awake - unconsciousness must be strictly avoided.
Some genuine perceptivity must be retained, whether one contemplates the Self as such, or any particular form.
What is the outcome of such meditation?
It opens up one’s being to the Light, to that which is Eternal.”

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