Tuesday, December 15, 2020



Conviction means “I am not the doer. There is no deed. I am nothing”. Everything came out of nothing, and everything dissolves back into nothing. This mistaken identity of “I am somebody”, which you are experiencing, will dissolve. The concept of the body-form must disappear because it is not Ultimate Truth. The Presence within the body, through which you are acting, is Spontaneous Presence. That you are, just like the sky or the space.
Supposing that in a dream, you witness yourself going through the process of dying. And then you witness your death. Just imagine this for a moment! Who is seeing the death of that body? Or, say, you see someone who has died in your dream, but when you wake up, that person is still living. What is true? Is that person alive, or dead? What is illusion? What is Reality? What is true, and what is false? Question yourself. Self-enquire, and you will find all the answers within you.
Your Spirit has exceptional power, and tremendous energy, which you have not yet tapped into. The Master is not separate from you. You are a Master. My Master, Nisargadatta Maharaj, says: “I am not making you disciples, I am making you Masters”. What is stopping the Conviction? It is your long association with the body-form. You are unable to accept Truth, because you are protecting all your concepts with all your might.
Whatever experiences you have in dreams, will disappear when you wake up. Your present life is just like a dream, a long dream. Convince yourself of this! You are your own Master. You are the architect of your life. Don’t encourage body-based questions. Stay with the Conviction. Convince yourself of your Reality because you are your own Master. You are in charge. The mind is always asking, “Why this, why that? Avoid all these questions. Find out what is true! The illusory world and all your experiences? That is all false!
You are unborn. You are formless. That Conviction is bound to appear. It is not an impossible goal, but in the beginning, you must try to follow the Master’s instructions, and practice meditation regularly. You must make time for meditation, because without it, your foundations will be weak. This is very simple knowledge. It is free of charge. There is no need for any garlands,
flowers or rituals.
Everything came out of nothing, and everything dissolves within nothing. You must know that! Verify this for yourself. Your Invisible Presence is Reality. Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, The Master is not separate from you. How many times must I keep on shouting the same thing! And still, your crazy mind continues to create endless questions, “Why this? Why that? Why? Why? Why?”
You will receive all the answers from within. Ask your Inner Master questions. You will be surprised at first, when the answers start to flow. Make your Master talk! Have a dialogue with your Master. In the beginning, you may not get the answers, but after intensive hammering, you will. And then you will silently exclaim, “Oh I am That!” You don’t have to go anywhere to find answers. With meditation, all your questions will be solved.
After hammering yourself with the Mantra: “I am Brahman, Brahman I am”, or “Soham”, the Whole Truth will open up for you. You will be astonished by your capacity to answer very difficult questions.
Don’t change Masters. People are changing their Masters regularly: this Master, that Master, that other Master. It is meaningless. You are time-wasting because you are not giving any importance to your own Master, the Master within you. The Master is not separate from you. Receive answers from your Master, that is within the human form. The Master of the human form is the Holder, the Sustainer of the body. “That” does not have any specific identity. You cannot imagine, or guess, what it is like. Try to convince yourself, and then the Conviction will arise spontaneously.

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