Monday, December 7, 2020

Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi

 Talk 192.

Maharshi explained in the course of conversation:
Whoever desires liberation?
Everyone wants only happiness -
happiness too as found in the enjoyment of the senses.
This question was asked of a Guru,
and the latter answered:
“Quite so. That happiness which is the result of enjoyment by the senses is the same as that of liberation. That desire of such liberation is one of the four
qualifications for attainment. This is common to all. So all are eligible
for this knowledge - Self-knowledge.”
In fact there may not be found any individual in the world who possesses all
the qualities in perfection necessary for an aspirant as mentioned in Yoga Sutras, etc. Still pursuit of Self-knowledge should not be abandoned.
Everyone is the Self by his own experience. Still he is not aware,
he identifies the Self with the body and feels miserable.
This is the greatest of all mysteries.
One is the Self.
Why not abide as the Self and be done
with miseries?
In the beginning one has to be told that he is not the body, because he thinks that he is the body only. Whereas he is the body and all else.
The body is only a part.
Let him know it finally.
He must first discern consciousness from insentience and be the consciousness only. Later
let him realise that insentience is not apart from consciousness.
This is discrimination (viveka).
The initial discrimination must persist
to the end.
Its fruit is liberation.

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