Monday, December 7, 2020

Nilas Mystic School


Dear Divine Beings ,
this is something every soul should make peace.
when a relationship is done totally heal and move on ..
if you are going to replace partners because that's easy , beware of sexually trapped demons (e.g emotions)
every partner with whom we have an exchange be it any level -
physical , mental , emotional, soul , spiritual .. the energy is lingering between even after you have closed doors with that person .. its still there
After any intimate exchange the energy residue is there with each other for 7 YRS!!!....
there is nothing to be scared about
just we got to be mindful.. be aware of what you are doing?
its so funny when some say am just fantasizing about someone and having sex with someone (what a disaster )
these are energy leaks , and some even become vampires ..
these are ways how energy drain so quickly
learn to clear your energy before you move on to the next partner .
if you are having a just fun transaction be black and white at least with your self so that you have clarity .
remember your body is temple and your soul is god before you jump to an action just because your hormones are rising ..
sharing with love and healing
love starts from you ..
before you fall in love with someone else love your self
self love includes self respect, self esteem, self care , self acceptance .

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