Friday, December 11, 2020

Sri Ramana said,

“Sadhakas (seekers) rarely understand the
difference between this temporary stilling of the mind (manolaya) and permanent destruction of thoughts (manonasha).
In manolaya there is temporary subsidence of thought-waves, and, though this temporary period may even last for a thousand years, thoughts, which are thus
temporarily stilled, rise up as soon as the manolaya ceases. One must, therefore, watch one’s spiritual progress carefully. One must not allow oneself to be overtaken by such spells of stillness of thought:
the moment one experiences this, one must revive consciousness and enquire within as to who it is who experiences this stillness. While not allowing any thoughts to intrude, he must not, at the same time, be overtaken by this deep sleep (yoga nidra) or Self-hypnotism.
Though this is a sign of progress towards the goal, yet it is also the point where the divergence between the road to salvation and yoga nidra takes place.
The easy way, the direct way, the shortest cut to salvation is the Enquiry method. By such enquiry, you will drive the thought force deeper till it reaches its source and merges therein. It is then that you will have the response from within and find that you
rest there, destroying all thoughts, once and for all.”
- Swarnagiri, Ramanananda, Crumbs From His Table, Chapter 8, ‘Control Of Mind
Vs. Destruction Of Mind’

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