Friday, December 11, 2020

Purana Purusha Dr Ashoke kumar Chattarjee.


Everyday in the morning, Yogiraj Lahari Mahasaya would go for a holy dip in the Ganges at Ranamahal Ghat accompanied by His faithful devotee Krishnaram. That day also, after the dip Yogiraj was returning home alongwith Krishnaram through an alley. Suddenly He mentioned “Krishnaram tear off a cloth.”
Krishnaram could not follow what his Guru Maharaj (the Gracious One) was telling him.
After walking a few steps, a brick from the terrace of a house fell on the foot of Yogiraj. One of His toes was grazed and blood started oozing out. Quickly, He tore a piece of cloth from His attire and bandaged the toe. Krishnaram assisted Him in doing this.
After this, Krishnaram with folded hands enquired “Maharaj, if you knew before that the brick would fall, why didn't You avoid it? For then, You wouldn’t have suffered this injury.”
Yogiraj replied “That is not possible Krishnaram. If I had avoided it, I would have had to suffer the pain with interest at any other time. I have to receive what is destined, therefore the earlier it is completed, the better it is.”

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