Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Sri Atmanada

 ''Why you seek happiness? Because the urge comes from the deepest level, your real Nature. But because your sense-organs are having outward-going tendencies, you seek that happiness in the outside world. If happiness were intrinsic in sense object, it must always be giving you happiness, from babyhood up till death. But that is not your experience….The object which gave you happiness in the childhood and when you were a young man, ceases to give you happiness when you grow old. Something else takes its place. Thus you find that happiness is not intrinsic in the sense-objects….Likewise, if happiness were in the mind, it must be possible for you to enjoy that happiness without the help of sense-objects, but you do not get it that way. And therefore it is not residing in the mind either. That happiness which you suppose you derive from sense-objects is not derived from sense objects but

is your real nature. When you desire an object your mind is restless and continues to be restless until you get the desired object. When the desired object is got, mind comes to
rest for the time being and you get happiness. Well, that happiness, as I have already told you, is your real Nature. It is shinning always, but it is taken note of—only when the mind comes to rest. Therefore it is your real nature that shines when you get a desired object. ''

'Prana Over Crystal City', by Mirinka Bendova

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