Monday, December 7, 2020

Robert Adams

 Everyone is looking for happiness, peace and love and freedom from all their problems. Who doesn't want this? This is what everybody really wants, happiness, peace, love and freedom from their problems. But they make one mistake and that is they're looking to solve something. As long as you’re looking to solve something or to attain anything you will never do it. For it involves the ego and the mind. It is the ego-mind that needs, that wants, that wants to become, that wants to acquire. If you understand a little bit of your real nature, that you are Spirit, that you are absolute intelligence, infinite wisdom. If you dwell in that, that alone will become your reality. And everything else undesirable will vanish.

I'm not saying that the world will change. You will just acquire a different perception of this world in which you live. Everything will become quite neutral and you will stop fighting, you will stop trying to make things happen. Yet the average person may say, "If I did not make things happen, I will get nowhere. Nothing will happen." On the contrary, it has been known by spiritual Masters throughout the ages, when you become quiet, when you stop thinking too much, when you become quiescent, thoughtless, you will be led and guided to what you have to do and everything will work out for you. Your body came to this earth for a specific reason. It will follow through, no matter what you think.
In other words, if you're supposed to work, you will find work no matter what happens. Even if thousands of people do not find work, you will find work. If you're not supposed to work, no matter how hard you try you will not be able to work, you will not find work. Even though there are millions of jobs available. This is all karmic, you have nothing to do with it. Your job and your mission is simply not to react to anything.
I know it sounds strange especially those of you who are involved in work. You still think and feel, if I do not research my work, if I do not plan, if I do not think about it, it will not get done. On the contrary, something will lead you and guide you. A mysterious power will take care of everything for you. This only happens when you understand, I am not the doer. As long as you believe you are the doer, you have to struggle, you have to fight, you have to compete and you have to straighten things out.
But as soon as you realize, I am not the doer. I didn't ask to be born, I didn't have to go through this position, to have the parents I had, to grow up where I grew up, this is all karmic. The same power that took care of this will take care of you now. Will put you in you right place. Will take care of your finances, your health and everything else.
Your job is to focus your attention on the Self. What is the Self? The Self is your real nature, that's what you are. The Self is consciousness. What is consciousness? Consciousness is the power that is conscious of itself. It is self-contained, it is omnipresent. When you speak of love, of peace, of God, of joy, of happiness, of bliss, you're speaking of consciousness. These words are just other words for consciousness. Consciousness is you. The Self, consciousness, they're all synonymous.

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