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I AM UNBORN. Chapter 15. 25th December 1979 TALKS with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.


The Beingness Dynasty
Maharaj: When you get the knowledge, your identity, cast, creed and the rest must go. This reality, your beingness, gives rise to the world.
Visitor: Know what you are not, and then what you know remains.
M: What you mean by negation?
V: I believe that if I see myself, I see the untruth of it. It’s negation through seeing the false as false.
M: You have to understand the Guru’s words. Understand beingness, know that the world is a result of your beingness. So to understand, you have to be Ishwara, Meditate to be Ishwara.
V: What are the guidelines?
M: But I have already told you, you are Ishwara. You have to have the conviction that ‘I am That’, a mental determination. With the appearance of the knowledge ‘I am’, appears the space and the four other elements, your beingness gives rise to them, first beingness, then others. The spirituality that you see around is simply activity, mere entertainment. To know that
the beingness is the parent of the five elemental world is spirituality. The
relationship of the beingness and the world is that of the parents and the family. Someone dies with the conviction that the whole world is my beingness, what will happen? The concept of man and woman will remain and you will die with it. Finally, you are not even the beingness. When you
identify with it and stabilize in the beingness, you are not even that. In the
knowledge of the Jnani(or the Absolute), the world is all a spectacle, the Jnani is apart from the knowledge ‘ I am’.
V: Whatever is observed is not real, whatever I think is not me, what ‘I am’
must be pure consciousness.
M: With the help of the beingness – a peephole – you can see right from the
blade of grass up to Brahman. But the beingness cannot understand the Absolute because the Absolute is beyond the being and non-being.
Beingness and the Absolute are not parts of the same thing, as themselves, they are untouchables.
Attention is the process of unloading the container and again loading it up with knowledge, but not of the unknown (the Absolute), the Absolute does not know itself, just get rid of all concepts. Right from childhood you acquire information or skills, what is the basis behind memory?
Understand the beingness, but you get caught up in concepts and memory.
You are That only, prior to them (concepts and memory) is the ‘I am’, further still when you recede, is the Absolute. But most people die with memory and concepts.
Who understands that memory is not operating today?
It’s the knowledge ‘I am’.
Surrender to the beingness, from it all
movement happens; go to the source of the movement which is the beingness. Hammer it into yourself that your own beingness is the parent of the entire manifestation. Beingness will help you in abiding in itself,
beingness is observed by the Ultimate (the Absolute) that has no senses, no eyes, but witnessing just happens. I am introducing you to your own beingness, the first stage is to meditate on the beingness, abide in it.
V: Remind oneself of it constantly?
M: Just retain it in memory; it’s of no use unless you are that.
V: I am lost in different activities, I need to remind myself.
M: Did you go forward (in activity) to recede? As it is you are already your true self, so where is the question of receding? What is the use of food?
To sustain the body, similarly, a mantra is to sustain yourself. What does that mean? When you go into that province, you will understand, not now. In a foreign country, you are told that the Bombay city coast is crooked, how will you understand that?

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