Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Robert Adams

 "As I go deeper within myself, the whole universe follows suit and the whole universe dives deep in me, everything goes within me, everything. That's where it came. It goes back to where it came, to the source of all life itself. I am that Self.

The one Self, unblemished, pure, all-pervading. I and the father are one, I and the Self are one. I am that one! You must talk to yourself that way. As you talk to yourself this way the ego begins to listen. The ego begins to diminish. Until one day it will disappear entirely completely.
Then you will discover you have never been the ego, you've never been human, you've never been anything. You have discovered your nothingness and the you as a feeling, that disappears also. There is no you left that has discovered anything. You is gone. There is just is-ness."

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