Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Poonam Sharma

 Yes, A witness is a direct observer. The true seer perceives his soul as the silent witness, aloof from the body—the microcosm created by the cosmic vibratory force, Prakriti or Mother Nature. She alone is the performer of all physical and mental activities. Sakshi is beyond time, space and the triad of experiencer, experiencing and experienced.

It seems that we're managing all actions of this body, but in reality it is not so, Our body is just a piece of mother earth, and whatever it is doing, is happening through a memory and life forces. even we aren't able to stop the heartbeat, breath or any action of our body, We're only a witness to all those actions.
sakshi witnesses all thoughts, words and deeds without interfering with them or being affected by them, other than sakshi there is nothing else in the entire universe.

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