Friday, December 11, 2020



We are asking the seekers/devotees not to take on any concepts that may distract them from Reality. What is Reality? Everything that you see is illusion. That through which you see is Reality. The body is not your identity at all. “That Through Which You Are Identifying the World, that Invisible Presence, is Ultimate Truth.” In theory, you know that, “I am Brahman, Paramatman, God”. But, theory is never enough! Reading books is not enough. Books are important in the beginning because they give you a foundation, a base. Nevertheless, book-knowledge is insufficient, because it is intellectual knowledge, and dry knowledge. “This Knowledge Should Touch Your Heart, the Bottom of Your Heart, Yes!”
All your illusory concepts will be discarded, only when this knowledge touches you deeply. That way, Reality will be absorbed. We have so many desires. We are roaming, here and there, searching for comfort, happiness and peace. Yet, all these are body-based concepts.
What is Reality? I was not the body. I am not the body. I am not going to remain this body. The Invisible Presence within the body is called Brahman, Soham, I Am That. The Naam Mantra’s purpose is basically to indicate, and remind you, of your Identity at all times: “I am Brahman, Brahman I am.” Considering the sensitivity of the Spirit, this Mantra is very effective in removing all your body-based concepts. The meditation will construct firm and solid foundations. It will help establish Ultimate Truth in you. Meditation is an absolute must! You are not meditating enough, instead, you are giving your attention to second-hand knowledge. You are addicted to literal, spiritual knowledge, bookish knowledge.
Recognize your importance! You are not the body. You were not the body. You are not going to remain the body. You are Almighty God. But at present, you don’t believe that. You are still thinking that God is something different, something separate from you. You are everything. There is nothing, except formless you. But you have split yourself into two, i.e. the body-form, and Ultimate Truth. There is only Ultimate Truth, Ultimate Reality, Oneness. You can call it what you like, for it has no name. You Are That!
The illusion of individuality has created all your problems and confusion. Be simple, be normal, be humble. Don’t think so much! Digest whatever I have told you. Try to digest it.
Life is painful because we have placed so much faith and trust in this body-form. And then we find that the body-knowledge is intolerable, so we develop expectations, needs and requirements. Stop considering yourself as the body-form, and you will know Reality. Stop counting yourself as a body-form! Though you are holding the body, don’t be so concerned with it, or wrapped up in it all.
Slowly and silently, try to dissolve all these illusory concepts. Reciting the Mantra will stabilize you in Reality. Continuity is necessary. You can read books, but don’t accept everything in them. Be selective! Some books create more confusion than clarity. Read I Am That, read Selfless Self – and you will find everything completely clarified.
There are thousands of books. Everyone is encouraging their own variety of illusory concepts: “There is God, Brahman, Atman, and other concepts, to be found in the Shastras, in the Vedas”. The Shastras and Vedas are okay to an extent, but they are not Ultimate Truth. Why? Because your Unidentified Identity is Ultimate Truth. Your Unidentified Identity is Reality.

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