Friday, December 11, 2020

By JSM Integral Spirituality

 "If we already knew every step on the Path in advance, there could be no spontaneity of action. We would be incapable of truly engaging the flow, of living in the Present Moment, or of being "led by the Spirit." In fact, if anyone thinks they know every step, then you can be sure that when one of those steps doesn't line up according to plan, the result will be disappointment. Herein is the wisdom of uncertainty and of being detached from any specific outcome; For as we learn to Trust that the Path is unfolding perfectly before us despite our limited expectations, we will experience an ever-increasing sense of Freedom and Peace. It isn't about the destination, it is about Being One with the Journey, One with the Process. This requires an Intuitive Knowing and Awareness of Being which transcends all mental planning. That is how we open ourselves to Unlimited Possibility." -

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