Friday, December 11, 2020


Q: Surrender is a mental attitude. When we are sitting in front of the Guru it is relatively easy because there is a constant awareness of his form. But how can one surrender if one is a long way away from him?
AS: Bhagavan himself taught that if we practice his teachings and remember his form we can be in touch with him wherever we are.
If one has received the opportunity to surrender to the Guru, physical distance does not matter. In fact, if your faith is strong and if your practice is continuous, it is sometimes easier to have better contact at a distance.
Q: Is this thing a physical thing? This feeling, this connection between the Guru and oneself, do we feel it only in the Heart, or is it also in the mind?
AS: Heart contact is the best. But if you practice well, you can also feel it in the mind.
- LWB p. 357

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