Thursday, November 19, 2020


 When you rise to that height of Divine love; when you rise to such a degree that in your father, in your mother, in everybody, you see nothing but God; when you see, in the wife no wife, but the beloved One, God; then, indeed you do become God, then, indeed are you in the presence of God.

Rise above the body, burn up this personality of yours, singe it, consume it, burn it up, then and then only will you see your desires fulfilled. In other words, "Deny yourself."
All the attractiveness you see in this world is nothing else but the true Divinity, the same which appears to you in the body of a beloved one, puts on a different dress in trees, in mountains and hills. Realise this, for this is how you can rise above all worldly passions and desires. This is the way to make spiritual use of worldly desires and to make use of them for their own sake.
Realise your Divinity and everything is done.

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