Friday, November 27, 2020

Sriman Narayana


When you feel the spiritual calling in your heart, and I'm not speaking about a curiosity or desire, but an overwhelming force, a restlessness that drags you to the spiritual path, despite your lack of preparedness. A force that doesn't allows you to have peace in what you called your normal life, it means God is calling you.
When God calls you, its not only about your awakening, He calls you so that your path may be an example, so that others may be inspired by your story, so that you become an instrument in His work. It is the greatest honor and the greatest challenge. Fot that to become reality you will have to die and reborn onto the arms of God. That's not just a calling, its the reson of your existence in this world.
Turning your back to that is to fall into an existential emptiness. The majority of seekers in the absence of a spiritual path still find purpose in worldly life because their character still functions there. Those who have this intense calling, their Character purpose is only to serve God, without it they fall into an existential emptiness.
When the calling comes it has an urgency because there are things you need to do, delaying it or turning your back will only bring you pain. A common spiritual seeker has all the time in the world because it's only about his spiritual path. For the one who is being called theres only a window of opportunity, there's only a time that then passes.
To ignore the urgency in your heart is to condemn yourself to a meaningless and painfull life. Can you imagine the life that the rich man lived after turning his back to jesus calling? What life would he have lived if he would have followed Jesus?
If the calling is there in your heart don't waste time, the strength will only come along with the steps of the one who finds support in God alone.
Sriman Narayana ~

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