Friday, November 27, 2020

Ramana Hridayam


In the Yoga Vasishta it says that what is real is hidden from us, but what is false is revealed as true. Actually, we are experiencing only the Reality, but we do not know it. Isn't it the wonder of wonders?
Q: Are our attempts sure to succeed?
M: 'Realization is our nature. It is nothing new to be gained. What is new cannot be eternal, therefore there is no need to doubt whether one will gain or lose the Self.
When I had the 'death' experience as a lad, I entered into the Self and since then I have not 'progressed' or moved one iota. It has remained the same ever since — there has been no development.'
The Maharshi told us that when he was a youth, the actual process of obtaining spiritual Self-realization took no longer than twenty minutes. The next few years were spent in establishing this Realization in gradual adjustment.

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