Friday, November 13, 2020

Sriman Narayana


“The presence of the Divine vibration in the spiritual work is a blessing. To honor that work in the absence of that divine vibration is the least for that work to continue. Beliefs of being a looser, incapable, disrespect towards your spiritual path, is unfit in a serious spritual quest. The journey is not about self worth, but humility and constant work.
Those who dont take up the fight against there own thoughts crumble because their committment is not with God nor their higher purpose. Their committment is with the improvement of their self value, and their wellbeing. You are where you believe to be your place... without place, without value, without purpose and suffering or empty!
Very rare to see someone fighting for freedom, for Divine Realization, that uphold that commitment above all.
Very common to see those spiritual seekers that only and automatically run away from suffering thus embrassing it continuously.
A seeker of Truth Surrenders completely without reservations, no matter the consequences. He's life doesn't belong to him anymore, it belongs to God!”

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