Monday, November 23, 2020

Sri Ramana Maharshi Teachings.


Q: I asked Mother in Sri Aurobindo Ashram the following question: `I keep my mind blank without thoughts arising so that God might show himself in his true being. But I do not perceive anything.' The reply was to this effect: `The attitude is right. The power will come down from above. It is a direct experience.' Should I do anything further?
Sri Ramana Maharshi :
Be what you are.
There is nothing to come down or become manifest.
All that is necessary is to lose the ego.
That which is is always there.
Even now you are that.
You are not apart from it.
The blank is seen by you.
You are there to see the blank.
What do you wait for ?
The thought, `I have not seen', the expectation to see and
the desire of getting something,
are all the workings of the ego.
You have fallen into snares of the ego.
The ego says all these and not you.
Be yourself and nothing more !
Once born you reach something.
If you reach it you return also.
Therefore leave off all this verbiage.
Be as you are.
See who you are and remain as the Self,
free from birth, going, coming and returning.
~ Be as you are book

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