Monday, November 23, 2020

🌞 Conscious Immortality

 Q. What does Maharshi say about hatha yoga or tantric practices?

A. Maharshi does not criticize any of the extant methods. All are good for the purification of the mind because the purified mind alone is capable of grasping this method and sticking to its practice.
Q. Which is the best of the different yogas?
A. See verse ten of the Upadesa Saram:
“Establishing the mind in its native state (of quiet repose) in the space of the Heart is undoubtedly the essence of all yogas – karma, bhakti, raja and jnana.”
The other yogas are inferior paths; this is the superior and direct path. All other paths are for those who are incapable of Self-enquiry. They also lead you ultimately to vichara. [Talk 189]

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