Saturday, November 21, 2020

Robert Adams ❤️🙏

 When you get up in the morning do not turn on the television or the radio or read newspapers or drink a cup of coffee, turn around and look, look deep, inquire, "Who am I?

What is this body? Where did it come from? What are my thoughts? Where do my thoughts come from?" Inquire, dive deep within and everything will take care of itself. But what we call the Self doesn't need any encouragement from anybody. It just is, like the air, like boundless space.
Try to be still most of the time. Try not to get into heated discussions, heated debates about anything. The mind always wants to accomplish something, wants to do something, wants to be the doer. Discourage the mind by becoming the witness to its actions.
Learn to be by yourself more, leave the world alone. Do not have any opinions for or against and everything will take care of itself.
Remember to love yourself, to worship yourself, to pray to yourself, to bow to yourself. For God dwells in you as you.

Via Jai Pansari

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